Thursday, May 31, 2012


Dunno why but i feel so happy today.. Maybe because my holiday begin ! i know when it starts everyone will like it but after one or two weeks without going anywhere will be hella bored. But who cares? As long as i don't have to sleep late and wake very early in the morning again maybe it will be nice. And i can't imagine the first day i move to new class with new friend. I just hope i can adapt as fast as i can. Miss my old friend? absolutely! we're in the same class for almost nine-year. Just hope i can be in the same class with some of my best friend again. Should wait for my friend now. We're going to hang out maybe to Sun plaza or anywhere. Gonna have some refreshing with bestie :p hahaha. Tha-da <3

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Okay gonna suffer for the last day tomorrow
Won't sleep late again and wake up very early in the morning  just to study
As you know that's what we call it DUTY for student
Study hard to past the test hahaha
And !!!! today is my lovely grandma birthday <3
Haven't prepared anything yet for her
She is going to treat us this Sunday so i will find some special present for her
Happy Birthday Grandma :*
Stay healthy and longlife
love ya xx