Saturday, September 8, 2012

J'ai fait évident

Helooo buddiess..
mom's birthday is coming soon.. i haven't prepared anything yet.. aaaaa! what should i do ._. frankly, quiet difficult for me to make a decision because my taste is absolutely different from my mom.. lol :p
hmm..been waiting for december <3 my favourite month of all month in the world.. waiting for november too though.. my aun't is heading back from amsterdam.. i wonder how long will she stay here.. miss her badly..

oh goshh look at that closet! i mean GET REAL! don't you think it was just soo amazing having one of the closet like that? all those things neatly arranged.. <3<3<3
here's my september wishes:
- can be a better,intelligent,care,neat person each passing day
- exercising piano without getting lazy
- get a good score
- can loose my weight more and more (ps.there are so many advantages if you get skinny lol)
 okay enough blabling.. time to compose songs.. ._. kind of homework from school..
soo au revoir ^^

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