Thursday, August 30, 2012


Allô <3
i have changed my header.. this is better than before right? what do you think? :p got sick and ain't going to school today so i have so many free time to post.. wish can get skinnier lolllll.. so,how's life? :) last Sunday i went to met my lovely teacher.. somehow i miss her soooo much.. last time i didn't feel really satisfied because she's on hurry.. she's going to watch Expandables2 with her sister.. so we just spent a lil time together.. went to chilled at itcho then ate at blu apple.. 

just hope this Sunday we can hang out again for the last time cz she's heading back to China on September.. she told me if she's not going to Malaysia then this Sunday she'll meet us but if she's going to Malaysia, last Sunday must be the last time we met :( will miss you so much miss Herr :(:(:( and oh thanks for the present.. ;)

s'il vous plaît me donner le temps.. je promets de changer et de faire demieux.. désolé :)

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