Thursday, August 23, 2012


so here's me again.. How's your holiday? Mine quiet boring because of going nowhere :( but to recharge my energy after exam.. truth be told, not really bad at all.. But, hate to say that today is the last holiday.. By the way, i'll meet my teacher this sunday.. finally,she's back from guangzhou.. miss her so much.. can't wait to see her :D i don't have any picture to share because i don't take any pic this holiday.. as i said before i spent this holiday by lying in bed, sleep, watch cassette then eat :p i think i'm getting fatter :( no wonder just look at those activity i did for this week :( :( Devil beside you is a great movie.. comedy and romantic.. i can finished those episode just for two days, spent 8 hours to watch it NON-STOP.. Will share photos the next blogging.. stay tune
done blogging.. zai jian fellas <3

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